Monday, July 23, 2007

...on congestion

...and the bastard doesn't mean the nasal kind, jerk!

while the bastard sees the logic of congestion pricing, he also has something to say about it. rather, he has some questions.

does congestion pricing that the middle class will bear the brunt of this in the long run?

does congestion pricing that bicyclists will begin to obey traffic laws? this is something that i'm not AT ALL optimistic about.

when environmentalists discuss the upside of congestion pricing, are they aware that there are FIVE boroughs in new york city? that manhattan isn't the only piece of land that constitutes new yorks city? that there are at least 3 boroughs that are near manhattan that are PART of new york city that will not have congestion pricing that will become parking lots every day during commuting times that will get to enjoy the greenhouse gases that manhattanites are currently bitching about. ok ok, this is what the bastard was leading up to. all of the coverage the bastard has been seeing on the ny1 has been about how this will be great for the CITY but, there are several denizens of this city who will have to pay. environmentalists are all over this. this is a good thing. let's price the automobiles out of the island of manhattan. i'm sorry but to a certaain degree, i have to call bullshit on it.

what if there is a transit strike again and folks have to drive in? is that some kind of unexpected windfall for manhattan?

what happens when the price of things go up. case, meet point. have you noticed that the price of milk and food has gone up since the price of gas has gone up? i wouyld love to see how much a gallon of milk is going to cost the average manhattanite if this congestion pricing plan goes through. the price of a pint of beer (which is already overpriced on this rock). it's bad enough that it's too goddam expensive to afford to live here. okay, i'm done.

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