Saturday, September 15, 2007

guest columnist: scoop speaks

So the bastard had a text message this morning from our good friend scoop. last night scoop and her partner in crime, the lawyer had adventures in the city of angels and has graciously consented to submit the deets of her friday night for our consumption. enjoy. go on! enjoy!

—the bastard

tongiht the lawyer and i went out and it was fuen. first we went ot dinner, then we went ot a tendie bart taa was udm. the lawyer met a guy form amsterdam and i met some weirdo that i hate. then i said to the lawyer lets leave so we did. then we go int a cab amd the next thing i knew as that i was ina mansion tnear a pool . it was nice bu ti told the lawyer whay are we here WAK UP NO but she ketp sleeping. then i g tot really scared dand i wanted to dial 911 ut i didnt othe i prented the lawyer was sick wo i called a cab and he lte us go. it was scary. then i swnt to a seven eleven and spent a lot of money. then i hate nachos ans the lawyer got intoa fight wiht a gy taht own seven eeven and she might sue him

the end


Rob S. said...

Scoop sure has adventures, dun she?

bastard central said...

she does indeed lobster. she does indeed

Anonymous said...

why is seven eleven spelled out

bastard central said...

because sometimes it needs to be spelled out to some