Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...on rain and amnesia

it's pretty awful out today. the bastard hustled out to the bus stop to perhaps stay dry hoping that the bus was dragging it's feet. and upon making it to the stop, i realized that i left my phone on my dresser. pissed i walked back home accepting the known quantity that i'd be waiting for the next bus in the rain.

however, apparently, the bus DID in fact drag it's feet and i was spared the wait but not a run down the block.




the bastard was in for a crappy ride today. and the fates did in fact follow suit. during the transfer however, i saw this lady with luggage crying while walking and then i was reminded of what the news was reminding me of this morning.

2,823 people died downtown today.

six years ago.

only 289 bodies were found intact.

the rest were parts. i think my ex's cousin's foot was part of those parts. i might have known more of the dead but, the bastard was never very good at calling people back.

still ain't.

i read an op ed piece on frontpage magazine with these numbers and it reminded me of the scope of the casualties that day.

i'm all cried out on this though. i spend some days bitching about the victims families. i spend some days bitching about the "peace" movement. sometimes i get downright offended by the 9/11 was an inside job stickers i see. i find it insensitive to the dead. also i find the 9/11 was an inside job people batshit crazy.

but mostly, i just go to work.

do the job.

take the money.

then go home. and try to forget like everyone else has. i'm tired of remembering all the facts and figures that have brought us to this point in our lives. hell, the bastard is just tired.

—the bastard

ADDENDUM: i just came across this bit on jezebel mostly making fun of fashion week. for those who hate THOSE kind of new yorkers, (and you know which kinds the bastard is talking about. hell you know who YOU are too) it's fucking priceless.

"But it is September 11, and I am determined to leave you with something more uplifting than "The Marc Jacobs show last night started two hours late, probably because he wanted it to run till September 11 so you'd NEVER FORGET, Ha ha!"

priceless. there are so many dicks in this city.

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