Thursday, January 17, 2008

red pants thursday... which the bastard returns to being cruel. oh. wait...did he ever stop?

so there's this guy.

who works for men holding big fish magazine.

and he has these red pants. he wears them every week. at least once a week. sometimes twice.

and it's not like the bastard is exaggerating. they're frikkin red.

well not red.

more like international orange, like you would see on a 1960's muscle car or perhaps the golden gate bridge. but we have taken to referring to them as red pants. it's easier.

try to keep up okay?

now the silver k has spoken of the red pants saying that, "i sometimes wear my pants more than one day a week but, they're jeans, you wouldn't know if i wore them twice in a row"

sara voids and i have taken to referring to red pants' day of wearing red pants as "red pants thursday", or "red pants tuesday", or "red pants insert your day here".

try to keep up okay?

so sara was telling me today, which is red pants thursday, that one of the other people who work for men holding big fish who is leaving tomorrow to move to "stealing shit and winning asmes" magazine. we'll call him opie cunningham.

anyway, opie remarks to red pants about how thankful he was that he could get just one more red pants day in before he leaves for stealing shit and winning asmes.

incredulously, red pants responds to him with, "well it's not like you're never going to see me again". it begs the question of, does her know? i mean does he really know?

it boggles the mind

—the bastard


the mad russian said...

I used to let my mom pick my clothes. Then she sent me to 6th grade wearing green pants. I was a mockery. Mom lost her job that day and I was closer to being a man. This has nothing to do with anything does red pants man know my mom?!?!

bastard central said...


i hate to be the one to tell you this but , your mom works for a fishing magazine