Thursday, March 13, 2008

...on standards and practices

the bastard, like everyone else in this city, has been following the high profile downfall of our notso distinguished governor lately. the story is gathering nuisance like proportions for local lefties. i can sympathize not because i share their ideology but, because i understand what it is like to be disappointed by the jokers you vote for. a lifelong democrat i knew stopped speaking for a month when the clinton sex scandal broke only answering his coworkers with,

"clinton really hurt me with this"

so i understand diasppointment. and that's all i have to say about it

but i digress in speaking about our new governor, the media has headed up to patterson's native harlem to ask the locals how they felt. and everyone up there refers to harlem, as "harlem, usa" and i kinda got tired of hearing the phrase over and over again. it's kind of how i grew weary of listening to this friend of dr dre's repeatedly uttering the phrase "i'm from the bronx, born and raised".

so the bastard has come up with a short list of town related terms, that he thinks should go the way of the dodo. please add if you can come up with anything else because shipping has turned my brain to mush:

the aforementioned "harlem u.s.a."

the aforementioned "from the bronx, born and raised"

"the planet of brooklyn"

"strong island" is a term i WISH they would sent to a firey grave post haste

and that's about as far as the bastard got. if you got some other crap we can do away with, that would help.

—the bastard

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