Wednesday, April 02, 2008

this is why the bastard does this crap

two weekends ago, the bastard set up a feed on no, i'm not abandoning the bastardworks. it's just that alot of good stuff happens when i'm on the move and i discovered anfter a particularly good bit of material that it hasn't become easy to blog from the iphone.

but tumblr makes it real easy.

and it lets the bastard feed the blog into it so it's kind of like a stripped down feed of the blog being broadcasted elsewhere. and when there is something good, i'll link to it here.

try to keep up.

so anyway yesterday, on the way to my ladyfriend's, i was walking down park avenue and the was this political canvasser who actually was very clever for parking himself outside of starbucks. what better way to get people to slow down on the way to and from getting coffee.

he marked the bastard from 30 feet away and would not relent until he got my attention.

the rest of the story, is here.

—the bastard

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