Wednesday, August 27, 2008

and so as is the west... is the east.

the bastard so soooooo trucked today. i literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

no really.

clean on the other side.

woke up late, tired, fatigued.

did i mention tired?

anyway, there was a crew of jackboots out at 53rd street. the bastard was REALLY hoping they were getting on with us. but no they weren't but, a little piece of advice kids.

don't cock the rifles on the train platform. you don't need to chamber a round. it scares the tourists.

but it got the bastard to thinking, what's new on the chairman's friends dnc blog.

here we have right wingers making big art protest. i wonder if conservative protestors will get as much coverage as liberal protestors. just thinking out loud again.

here we have the bastard's actual feelings about the political process these days.

and let's not forget rednecks for obama.


rednecks for obama. you heard it here first.

so stay tuned kids. if the bastard runs out of material, who knows? i must just feed this fucker into the blog until my head feels better. did i mention i was tired?

—the bastard

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