Thursday, August 28, 2008

the magic just keeps on coming

the bastard is regurgitating more stuff from denver.

this is why the bastard hates one party

this is why the bastard hates the other party

i'd actually take this under consideration if he was still walking the earth

and fuck all this noise, the denver police department has frikkin klr's. NICE!

—the bastard


P-Cat said...

Those are pretty swet bikes, all Matrix-y and such. As I remember Devner wasn't the greatest town, but least the Fuzz has a bitchin' ride.

bastard central said...

well the bastard isn't really the off-road sort but, you have to figure that if you are going to run from the cops out there, run into the woods. the color scheme is a little "un-policey" but, hey, it's their budget, not mine