Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...on coverage

...albeit totally unintentionally

so, last night, i had dinner at the chairman's place and since it's his place, it's his television. not that anything is on this time of year. what with the us open, the olympics. oh yeah, and the democrats are having their convention in denver this year. so while trying to keep my dinner down,

they honored ted kennedy at the convention to i guess tie barry in to the kennedy's to you know, increase brand recognition with folks who need to be reminded that barack obama is running for president and he's gonna change shit.

and for the speech the drones were instructed to hold up these placards which was interesting to the bastard as teddy ran for president in 1980 against carter and lost. then carter lost. because he was inept.

but it made me think to myself that while it is really nice that ted's party decided to honor him due to his long career of drinking and senatoring and it's also nice to givr him some props because he did use his power to back obama but i sondered while no one was holding up this sign.

you see, ted was responsible for someone's death a long time ago and i remembered this fake vw ad that ran around the time he canceles his bid for president in 1972. and yes, i am aware that he just had a tumor removed but it doesn't change the fact that he let someone in his care sat the time die. we have a short memory as a people. so don't worry, you'll forget this in a minute. i know i already did.

—the bastard


tim said...

Glass houses. Glass houses. And you wonder why we don't hang out more

bastard central said...

two things

how did you feel when tony snow died? how do you feel every time cheney has a heart attack? i am highlighting the fact that a guy who let someone die gets accolades and while the conservative press has nothing but well wishes for kennedy's health and speedy recovery, when tony snow passed away from colon cancer liberals were cheering and saying he's down in hell with jesse helms. that's all. perhaps i should have pointed that out but i wanted to recycle an old national lampoon gag ad instead.

as to why we don't hang out more, if you'd like to use politics as an excuse for why you don't want to hang out then, please by all means, go ahead

tim said...

But I don't subscribe to that. So again, I say glass houses. I happened to like Tony Snow. Cheney, on the other hand, can hang, and not just for the last 8 years. He's been pulling strings for over 35 years as a political operative.

Politics is just one of many.

bastard central said...

but by implying i am throwing stones at glass houses is implying that i killed someone and am ragging someone for killing someone. it's just not a good phrase to lead off with. that's all i'm questioning.

and as to the many myriad of reasons we don't hang out much, i'm sure you have many.

you might as well has said no wonder nobody likes you.