Monday, August 25, 2008

...on jackboots

so the chairman recommended that i put his friends pics from the dnc on the blog.

this guy he knows in denver is putting it up here.

these are some jack boots from denver. ready to arrest protestors. but i came across this odd item about a fox news reported getting hassled by ward churchill and some protestors and it reminded me of a flight i took home from my second gun show. i was sitting next to this older woman who was about hillary clinton's voting demographic, and she struck up a conversation with me about what i was doing in vegas.

i told her, i was working a gun show/convention daily/drinking/gambling/smoking lots of cigarettes/mullets blah blah blah blah.

she responds with, "oh i hate guns sooooo much. i can't believe you do that."

so the bastard responds in the fashion he does at parties where he encounters very liberal people who know nothing of firearms (which is fucking standard practice in new york). i tell her, "look lady, it's like this. i used to work for this internet magazine. then the dotcom bubble burst. and i lost my job"

"oh that's awful."

"yes, and killing stuff monthly, hired me and paid me a living wage and i get to put food on my table. if the people for the ethical treatment of animals hired me to work on their magazine and paid me a living wage, i would be working for them but i ain't, so step off."

"i suppose i see your point"

"oh? i suppose you do."

and it got me to thinking, what if this guy is just trying to make a living? i mean brit hume worked for a bunch of different networks before he landed at fox news channel. so the bastard thinks to himself, "step off, hippy. let the man do his job. you don't like what he says, turn on msnbc and watch chris matthews deep throat obama while keith olberman watches."

i just don't see the logic of it. sorry, i got off message here. the bastard forgot how much disdain he has for that lying shitheel ward "little eichmann's" churchill.

anyway. pictures. denver. look. my eyes hurt. go. look.

—the bastard

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