Friday, January 30, 2009

yeah, i cowtow to the memes... i'll give you 25 things you may not already know about me.

it's like this.

i run out of material all the time.

and rob? well rob always provides me with material in the form of memes he gets from people who read what he reads. and you should read as well.

but this one wasn't rob's to give me. it was jay's really. and i thought about what other crap i could possible spill out here in the ether (i actually say shit like this) and then two or three others have come forth with theirs and i can say i've never felt so privileged to be the number 13 but hell, i'm lucky that way. so here goes:

25 things that you may not have known about the bastard:

1: i was on the yearbook staff in high school. i didn't do a damn thing while on it. it set the precedent for a lot of bad behavior in my lifetime

2: i followed my older brother to the same high school because i looked up to him at the time. i never had dream of being an engineer that was his at the time. which leads me to:

3: i tried so hard not to major in art because i wanted to please my family. then i realized that it was the only thing i was good at so i ran with it and i ran all the way to the newstand with it.

4: i never had the nerve to ask you out back then. there were several of you and you all know who you are.

5: i wake up every morning thinking i'm fucking this up.

6: and i go to bed every night hoping that my regrets never outweigh my dreams.

7: all of you who have done wrong to me, and you know who you are, i know about some of it. and you're off the hook this time. everyone gets one.

8: two really important women with the same name have taught me about how lucky i am to have second chances at life

9: this is common knowledge but i love my son so much that it makes me cry regularly.

10: i made someone feel really awful about dragging me out to get into a kayak every sunday but i am greatful for the opportunity it gave me to feel closer to my grandfather because he loved the sea.

11: i broke my nose into 11 pieces when i fell off a horse and it scared the shit out of me. i got back on the horse 3 weeks later against doctors orders because the fear of never having the wind in my face again was greater than my own fears for my life.

12: i wanted to ride a motorcycle ever since my uncle let me sit on top of his when i was a kid. my bike is also a honda because his was.

13: i was too bullheaded. sorry.

14: i find myself doing the opposite because i hate being told to do things. even if it's not good for me.

15: i take things very personally. very personally. i've been working on it for years but, it never works.

16: i am not altogether right all of the time and i never want to take medication for it because i'm convinced that it'll make me less creative. so i tolerate the voices even when it's too much for me.

17: i do all of this for the boy. sure, i want to be respected in my field but i do all of it for the boy. tolerate tons of late nights, not being able to sleep for the boy, step into the roll i'll never know if i was ready for for the boy, and i will walk through fire for him.

18: i became unhinged in a grocery store last week because cats in the cradle came over the muzak. i was convinced he'll grow up like me.

19: i owe a great boon to a man who saved my career once upon a time and i regret that they gave me his job every day because he deserved better.

20: some of the best summers of my youth were spent officiating a sport i actually don't like that much.

21: i just want all the parties in my life to get along.

22: i've been told that i'm a big mouth and i've told some things over the years that could fill a room. the things i nver told anyone would fill an ocean. and none of you will get to swim in that ocean if i have my way.

23: i was beaten up once in 1989 by a guy named tommy and he made me empty my wallet. there was 11 dollars in my wallet that night. i'll never forget that.

24: i'm watching the movie thunderheart right now. it's one of my favorite movies.

25: i really hope all of this neck pain isn't cancer or something. i really want to see how this story is going to end.


WritingJonah said...

First thing of yours I read and I hope it isn't cancer either cause I damn well don't want it to be the last.

bastard central said...

you should see me when i'm being honest