Thursday, September 08, 2011

120 characters at a time...more or less

by and large, the bastard has kept quiet about things that bother him. but, i had an interesting experience over the weekend watching a mini series called the buddha of suburbia in which some of the actions of the supporting characters got under my skin. the main, is an indian english kid who is trying to find himself in pre thatcher england. but this is a different story to tell.

affected by it, i rolled into work to see that my good friend art school had retweeted a link (yeah i'm on the the goddam guess work yourself) about how mom's spend more time parenting than dads.

upon reading the article, already ired up a little...

 SIDEBAR: the bastard has two children. they live 2500 miles apart from one another. this gets me a little sensitive about what i'll refer to as "men's issues" or perhaps better put "father's issues" in which i've notice that it has become more and more socially acceptable to lay into fathers in the popular culture lexicon. it bothers me because of my unique circumstances as well as the fact that i have watched over the years men let this sort of shit become acceptable. but i digress...

...i noticed that the sample of the survey that backs this article had a relatively low cross section to sample.

so in a series of 120 or less character responses, i decided to put it here...


art school: No surprise! RT @redacted: Moms Spend 1150 More Hours Parenting per Year than Dads. How do you like this statistic?

the bastard: 1035 moms & dads surveyed is hardly a respectable baseline @artschool #ihavetocallbull also, i used to work for company redacted. notsomuch with the work

art school: @ourhost However, many other similar surveys show similar results. Each time, my heart breaks a little. Which is, as you know, #notverylemurian.

the bastard: started questioning surveys a long time ago @artschool they never survey enough people and enough kinds of people. i have other theories

art school: @ourhost You get mad because you KNOW you do more. The average dad would say , "Yeah, but it's HER job."

the bastard: i'm not the average dad according to surveys @artschool also, i have two kids 2500 miles apart from one another #isdifferent my whole thing is that laying into fathers is low lying fruit @artschool there are many shades of grey here. gets my ire up #notverylemurian

art school: @ourhost And what are your theories? (Although I do agree some surveys are flawed & it's easy to skew data.)

the bastard: reporters don't do much reportage anymore @artschool they make phone calls & check the net you can call 1200 people but they may not answer

art school: @ourhost So what do you think is the real issue?

the bastard: lazy reportage, negative mass media stereotyping lack of real communication which is surprising in the information age @artschool

#solutions @artschool can be more thorough more honest reporting; less tim allen sitcoms; less of joy behar talking; more of spouses talking

art school: @ourhost I never liked Tim Allen sitcoms.

the bastard: it sends a bad message about couples @artschool I was never a Seinfeld fan but at least he never offended me

art school: @ourhost Oh he offended me, but for completely different reasons.

the bastard: oh? @artschool was it the whole convicted drug dealers can be successful thing? or was it his fantastic way of making husbands look dumb?

art school: @ourhost Perhaps both? I think you have the makings of a great blog post, though. Want to write one?

the bastard: I've thought about it but I fear my anger gets the better of me @artschool misandry is kind of not discussed much

you realize @artschool this may be the blogpost right here #streamofconscious

art school: @ourhost It's not discussed because men usually won't discuss it. Easier to laugh at the buffoon than take him down.

the bastard: very true @artschool however, i found in my experience that the idea of misandry is often scoffed at by my lady friends as conspiracy bull

art school: @ourhost It goes beyond the kind of misandry you experienced at the hands of , for example.

the bastard: was fulla hate @artschool i saw an interview with camille paglia on bob costas one night that for me exposed the movement's bullshit

art school: @ourhost I hated that saw me as some kind of ally to her cause, which I never was. You can be a feminist without hating men.

the bastard: i don't know @artschool going by the fish/bicycle ideology, can you be a steinem era feminist and not hate men while fighting for socialism?

art school: @ourhost You can't be a socialist and hate men. At least it doesn't seem that way from my POV.

@ourhost Many rights groups start on that premise, but it has to be more than just about that for it to be meaningful.

the bastard: about social justice @artschool ? that's a buzz word i'm very found of pillorying

i find that social justice is about the unrealistic desire to smash the state HERE because people are being victimized THERE @artschool

art school: @ourhost Not the kind of social justice I've worked for. But I do know what you mean.

the bastard: from my perspective, i've become suspicious of everything @artschool i don't even discuss politics for fear that i won't be well liked

art school: @ourhost Yeah, I hear you. Politics is a slippery slope. And I dislike extreme positions.

the bastard: but extreme positions makes for better television these days @artschool and we ALL love the rangers/flyers game when it comes to town

art school: @ourhost You,!!! Being so damn extreme!! #sonotlemurian

i'm usually being post modern and ironic though @artschool #ruse #thatshowwediditinlemuria

art school: @ourhost Irony is #verylemurian in a pre-postmodern sort of way. (Waiting for the postmodern bot to correct me.)

the bastard: win a postmodern iPad case here!!! @artschool it is most ironic

—the bastard

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