Thursday, July 07, 2005

...on barbarians

i was going to continue going on about my weekend this morning and perhaps gibson's pattern recognition which i just finished but i need to speak on something else. on london. i could go on about how a friend of mine who spent a year teaching in london one time told me that one of the it kind of miffs the british that they are inundated with news from our side of the pond while we barely cover the rest of the world's news (at least this pissed off her roommate lindon) and it is kind of sad that the one time i see blair's mug on tv is when something in a city i remember loving very much blows up.

but i digress, these bastards have to be stopped. i find it appalling that this had to happen again and i am worried that the spin will be the same bullshit spin that happened in madrid, "the bastards blew up trains because spain (or britain in this case) helped us and it has nothing to do with the fact that the ideology these chuckleheads subscribe to says that everyone that doesn't believe as they do should be converted or killed". now here's the part where the paranoid part of me comes in and this morning i don't think he's so paranoid as i rode the train and scanned the subway car everytime we stopped for suspicious characters. understand this, these folks want us dead. all of us. watch your back. now get back to work, shiteyes.

—the bastard

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