Friday, July 15, 2005

...on being anathema

Anathema (Greek Word: meaning 1. to be formally set apart, 2. banished, exiled, excommunicated or 4. denounced, often misinterpreted to mean accursed). There is great dificulty with this word especially since it has now become commonly associated with the term accursed. The correct broader meaning of the term is applied to someone "set apart, banished and to be considered beyond the judgement and help of the community." Unfortunately within the English language one does not find such a term. To use the term curse alone suggests dark powers and magical arts. Cursing or putting hexes on people in both the Judeo/Christian understanding is incompatible, forbidden paganistic and foreign.

i had to go look at color this afternoon. i work for a magazine, part of my job is to approve a couple dozen images so that they are press ready and also, don't look crappy. our vendor has a deaf gentleman working for them and my usual manufacturing guy was out today. usually he signs my changes to him. today, in an attempt to make my self as lip readable as possible (i mumble alot and that makes for poor lip reading) i found myself speaking very loudly to him. does that make me a bad person?

also some guy i work with was walking out of work with a rucksack on. it made me think of the stuff in london. i can't believe that kids.....KIDS perpetrated some of those bombings. those kids weren't even old enough to drink for god's sake, not that they would, being muslim and all but my god! it reminds me of a AP story i read a year or so ago when the Israeli defense force had to hold a 14 year old retarded kid strapped with c4 at gunpoint. it's disgusting.

—il bastard

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