Friday, July 01, 2005

...on being a bastard

so i've come to the conclusion that my meds are really flipping me out. granted, it's an antibiotic but it seems to make me edgy. edgier than i'd like to be. maybe i should paint something. but in the meantime i'm going to put up pictures of underpasses in forest hills gardens. yeesh, that's a mouthful. anyway, i get home from a near meltdown at a store and check the prescription warnings and it says something about calling your doctor if the pills make you feel nutty. there you go then. actually it makes me want to have a cigarette but, i only like smoking at the craps table or if i've had too much to drink. and it's too early for too much to drink. funny thing is i don't come unhinged @ work. maybe it's the structure or the fluorescent lights or the fact that i can actually yell in the office or jump on the furniture for that matter but i stay pretty solid there. oh well needs lunch.

—the bastard

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