Sunday, August 21, 2005

Censorship in the land that is bastard?

It seems that in the comment area some posts have been eliminated by a "blog administrator." Who is this "administrator" and if he or she is an outside force ruling over the Bastard (A.K.A. Unce...tice...fee times a Bastard)and myself I'd like to know who it is so I can give them a stern what-for. I mean, who does this fucker think he or she is deleting comments made by one of our many (and by many, apparently, I mean three) loyal readers. I'm interested in most (and by most I mean none) of what our readers have to say about the content of this page. I also believe that the content of any page, anywhere, whether it be in cyberspace, looseleaf paper or scribbled inside a port-a-pottie should be left untouched and unedited for the world to see and make their own judgements of...
Actually, I just want to know what the deleted comments were, I feel like I'm missing out.

Speaking of music on trains, I wonder if those two kids are still break dancing on the E train. Those kids were funky fresh, word.



bastard central said...

east there captain america. they were spam posts.

—the bastard

bastard central said...

actually those guys ARE still break dancing on the E. they got mad skills but, they muck up the bastards evening nap and i don't like it

—the bastard

bigbromofo said...

hey buckwheat

who did you think was the blog adminstrator? if Bastard and mofo are running the site and the have enough firewall protection than only one of the two could be the adminstrator. if mofo is asking the question than it must be bastard. stop breathing in the owen cornings down in fla.

i was more concerend that these spamalots who advsertise and are not paying bastard / mofo enterprises would proliferate but bastard has alleviated my fears.

yes there are only a handful of readers and the content is kerouacish / burroughish / milleresque but since the but it allows communication.

if i did not call you to remind you to visit the tampa araea to see the last Twisted sister show i probably would not have spoken to you until arrived back at bunson honeydews place at the next holiday. at least when you get on this site and rant like a left wing lunatic we know that those union thugs i sent have not gotten to you yet.

tell fla i said hello. did you get the pictures of ajr speedwagon?

Big Bro Mofo - dub plat

bastard central said...

mmmmmmmmmmm owens corning feebergloss.

that's pretty much it. i only get rid of spam.

got the pix. very lovely


bigbromofo said...

the other girl in the picture is boom's daughter