Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm telling Thomas

I got into my first car accident yesterday in 14 years of driving so I'm not in the mood for dilly-dally. It wasn't my car, it was the Clampetts work van, so I called the old man up at the Q.V. Mo headquarters and told him it took 40 years, but I finally got revenge for his chevy.

Anyway, the eldest continues to harp on me for my lack of union membership (I'm in a right to work state) and my left wing tendencies. First off even if the eldest could get me into the great all powerful oz, I mean, local 3, in his own words he told me he would have to push me through and some people wouldn't like it. Yeah, that the situation I'm looking for, a new job where everyone wants to thump me cause my older brother called in a favor. No thanks. I would love to to ber part of an organiztion that takes care of it's own with a fine upscale salary and good benefits, don't get me wrong, but I want to at least earn or deserve the position first. Not to mention, I work for a family company that's trying to make something of itself and over the last two years I've become vital to it's operatiopn. Can I just up and leave-"yeah, thanks, Dano, for teaching me all this shit, later for you, Lupe!" I also just crashed one of his trucks, so now I feel terrible.

As for the left thing, yeah, I sway towards the left in some situations and to the right on others. Both sides of this republic have valid things to say. I stand for common sense and what is right. Not what someone, or I think is right, but what is right, period. I'll put it this way; I wrote this passage on my way down from NYC. I stopped at the Jefferson Memorial, it was Wednesday October 1, 2003:

The Jefferson Memorial is my church. I have issues with this country, it's government and it's people. This country rich with greed, where the innocent are murdered and the guilty are deified. Where celebrity is infamy. Don't hesitate to call me a patriot, for I am, because if it is the words of Thomas Jefferson that I believe in and hope to emulate, than I am a patriot most high, and all those who wish to call me out are tyrants.

A little melodramatic maybe, but it's the double truth, Ruth. So next time I'm up around that way I'ma tel Thomas you said that about me, and he will look at you with disdain. I may be the motherfucker, but that's just short for the motherfuckin' truth.

Interesting sidenote, on the same page of my writing sketchbook is an entry from the night before, I always get a laugh from it:

College Park, M.D. 8:21 am
Wholed up in a Best Western last night. Had the late start and the lack of sleep took it's toll. Black Squirrels-in between Baltimore and D.C. They really are chocolate cities.

We got the funk, gotta have that funk-oww



bastard central said...

god bless the chocolate city and its vanilla suburbs. one day the mothership is coming down to drop dynamite on us.


bigbromofo said...

hold on mofo

its a joke! laugh once in awhile. you are one of the bro and i am just chiding you.

are you hurt? what the damage seriuos or a fender bender?

on a serious note, what i did say was the following. because you are not part of the ibew in fla you cannot transfer your time from that local to this local. i could see what could be done but they have changed the apprenticeship entry rules due to the issue that you speak of. nobody thumps anybody. if you know your shit and work there is never a problem. that goes with any line of work. there will always be nepotism amongst friends and family and people will resent that. that is human nature. take the battery of your shoulder robert conrad and relax.

ny is a right to work state also. what that means is that you can obtain a job regardless of any affliation you might have. there are no boundaries. it also means that if you work for an outfit that offers you a job that company does not have to pay the prevailing wage and or health benefits. in your case you need the benefits. they give you the right to work but at their terms. in a union trade you are paid the prevailing wage plus health benefits and annuities. $41 /hr in the pocket and $44/ hr in the funds and benefits. all trades have fought over the years to get these dollars along with paid vacation, paid holidays, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, disability, weekends off, paid overtime, etc. business is in the business of business. most companies would rather pocket the profit then spend it on the workers.

the saying goes, the many negotiate, by yourself you grovel.

i did not say to up and leave. if you feel that loyal stay. i am proud of the accomplishments you have made. i have textbooks available if you want for the exams.

life is full of tough choices. if you can make a decent living down there then do it. unfortunately our trade is a cyclical and there are down times.

if i have insulted you i apologize. it is all in good fun.

left wing right wing it doesnt matter. whoever buys the politicians is who makes the laws. that is the problem with the country.

just dont get so angry. you need to blog more so we know you are alive.

big bro mofo

bigbromofo said...

by the way after rereading this i finally caught the reference to the 55 chevy painted black with no interior, almost contempt you in court, chase you around huron avenue joke.

bigbro mofo

lilcuz mofo said...

Hey now, can we let the Chevy incident go already... hee, hee… it wasn't his fault... he was just making it pretty or rather - facha-facha! His favorite thing to do! But it is quite the funny story for us to laugh over every now and then… the whole episode should have been used for a comedy routine!

lilcuz mofo

lilcuz mofo said...

And mofo... it's alright, that's why we have insurance! :)

bigbromofo said...

hey a new member to the group. good afternoon. how is Katrina and the waves....dancing on sunshine.

mofo always has a serious tone to his solioquies.

say hello to say hello to D, C and T for me.

bastard central said...

daughter of captain nemo. the destruction of the 55 has trancended the story of the wrecking a mere automobile, it has become the stuff of legends. like the time your dad overloaded grandpa's dingy with the mofo against theold man's wishes. or the time he let us all drink point 5 beers when i was 10 in front of the old man because sure they're beers but, they have no alcohol in them. it take son a life of it's own. i'm sure capt nemo has stories on the old man. like...say...the trunk full of tickets and things like that

—the bastard

mofo said...

Speaking of not getting the joke, eldest...

bastard central said...


my name is paul and this is betweeen y'all


bigbromofo said...

i guss im too old mofo and its dub plat the elder was a bad kiss album and i have been dubbed dub plat.

you are always rage against the blog so who knows when you joke and when you have been in a car accident.