Wednesday, August 03, 2005

oooooohh! there's a NEW mexico

bastards go west 3

we got stopped by the border cops today. wanted to know if we were all citizens. the if we were all from new york. then if we were born there. it was at this time we had to come clean and tell him that the lowe wasn't a native new yorker. doesn't matter, he's lived in so many places, only the lowe can claim to be from around. so long story short, the gusrd saw the plates and wanted to know where in new york we were from. he was born in rochester. small world, eh?

in texas this stoner couple from syracuse who moved to texas rolled into the gas station just to talk NY with us. it reminds me of this line from the movie naked lunch about how americans travel all over the world looking for other americans so they could talk about how hard it is to find a decent hamburger. i guess new yorkers move all over the country to talk to other new yorkers about where they just came from. i hear in jersey, they ask each other what exit on the jersey turnpike they are from and go from there.

-the bastard

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