Wednesday, September 07, 2005

doorgate chapter 2

...or i know what "I" did last summer

now mind you this stuff precedes the events that transpired during the divine right series but some of the events from "divine right" still occur (trash and the like). i've been saving this for a time in which i feel less ticked off about it and since that time ain't coming anytime soon, the bastard thought he'd get it out to get away from the nawlins tragedy for a bit.

when last i left the doorgate story, i left us with a sticky door that wouldn't close and the 8 year of non discussion that rolled with it. this summer i think the neighbors wer harboring gold bullion or perhaps were trying to keep someone out of the building at night. the aa place across the street had since corrected it's address problem and all of the happy little addicts keep to their little building where they can seek help or perhaps just get coffee on their way to fight club. either way, one day thing 1 asks me to keep the door shut, it was left unlocked last night. i didn't really care but i said "sure", not knowing that this made me solely responsible for the door being locked every night. because whenever there was an ajar door, i would receive email from thing1 about it. usually they were friendly and offered me something that i didn't need like software i had but then it went into the matter all stealth like. i wsh i kept all of the email but i didn't think this would turn into something. but, it went something like this:

Hey - I have a question for you guys. Is there a reason why you've started leaving the front door open again? I mean is it because it doesn't close easily and makes that horrible screech? or did you lose your keys or

I came home last night at 2:30 AM and not only was it unlocked, but it was actually open. This concerns me because there were two drug busts (during the day) about three doors down from us this week, and I think the neighborhood is starting to go downhill. And having the AA meeting people wander into my apartment asking me where the coffee is isn't so great either. (This happened again.)

Anyway, the point is if there's a reason, let me know and I'll get the landlord to deal with it, otherwise, I'd really appreciate it if you could make sure it stays closed and locked.

Thanks again.
(names have been changed to preserve anonymity)

ok point taken i respond with:

i think the humidity is making the door stick, i' ll double check on my in and out. the only time i really unlock the door is when i pick up laundry. i don't want to have to fumble with my keys with a 50 pound bag of laundry. 2:30, eh. i think that might have been the lowe. he came by to fix the treadmill late in the evening. he brought his dog and she can be a bit of a distraction for him. then again it might have been when i took out garbage. after 11. hmmmmm, i could have sworn i locked it but, i'll keep a head's up.

they finally caught those guys. a friend of mine used to buy from them when he worked at the whiskey bar in 1998. it sure took the cops long enought to arrest those guys. there were making no big secret of their activities. what , with that big ol' shut in coming out only to walk his dog or sit in his van for several hours for "no apparent" reason. good for the local cops being johnny on the spot. the AA people are still about. those folks have been screwing up since they got stationary that had our address on it. they used to be a block down before the theatre got renovated. i guess they got priced off of the block. does that make our block the ghetto? hmmmmmm. maybe frank should open a dirty book store. just kidding, i'll keep an eye on the door. have a good one

i figured sarcasm was a good way of highlighting the absurdity of things. one day a long time ago. maybe 2 summers ago. the AA office moved in across the street and with stationary with our address in otw, they would pop by looking for coffee. the ladies have a habit of leaving their keys in their door for whatever reason. considerring how loudly thing1 cackles, i assume they've had a few. this activity has since stopped (the AA people that is). i get the feeling that at this point, we have entered into the exagerration of things at this point. you see, we only have one pot dealer on the block, or rather had. i don't buy but i am aware of him or at least was. the lowe said something poignant once. "even in a good neighborhood, there is someone selling something. if there isn't, you aren't paying attention or you're lying". we also have a hallway in which sound carried very well. i think i would have noticed someone who didn't sound like my neighbors coming inside. also, there are two doors. it's not like the bastard's door is invisible. why didn't said AA guy knock on my door. are the girls just that lucky? the bastard smelled a rat.

more or less, the bastard tried to hold up his end but i am not my wife's keeper and i am not my friend's keeper so the door was sometimes left ajar. inevitably, the landlord go involved and asked us as well. i told him what i told the girls, that i try to. i figure end of story.....

—the bastard

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