Tuesday, September 06, 2005

minister of information 2

...or the bastard flies his angry flag

kanye west doesn't care about white people

now the bastard knows that this isn't the truth. you see, i don't really have the all access pass the kanye's trailer at the latest boost mobile commercial set. that said, i couldn't vouch for kanye's likes or dislikes for white people or for red bean sherbert for that matter. let's backtrack, shall we? kanye west is an entertainer. kanye west probably doesn't have top secret clearance. kanye west was probably not in attendance at the last white house staff meeting. kanye west was probably not at anything top secret and the last briefs he probably saw were his own before he dropped them on the floor and took a shower this morning. now i'm not saying that he's dumb as a box of rocks but i'm also not going to say that he is a mind reader either. so that said, i don't think kanye west is qualified to talk shit about the president's likes and dislikes. or what he cares and doesn't care about. i have read in some music magazines (i think i'll say blender this time) that he's trying to shake his clean cut image. maybe he should just let his his dad's flag fly. perhaps he should have deviated from the script with ,"ray nagin should have mobilized that fuckload of school buses he didn't mobilize when he knew a storm was coming two days prior when he evacuated the city. it's easy to talk crap about a man you don't really know anything about. see, i just did it. where you at?

It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. —randall robinson

now randall robinson has since retracted this statement that he posted on the huffington post. god help me for linking you there. i can't believe that people don't see through this hack's (huffington that is, i'll get to robinson in a sec) stable of left wing hacks. i really should dig through it further to see how gwyneth paltrow feels about this tragedy. anyway robinson, is a social justice advocator. "social justice" is one of those terms (or euphemisms) which i have come to understand mean "marxist". until someone more centrist coins the term meaning otherwise, i'll keep this maintaining. to be fair, randall no doubt spurted out this little nugget in the heat of anger which is the bastard's natural habitat, i understand. but running off likr that is tantamount to yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theatre. what the hell?! perhaps mr robinson should be directing his anger for the situation at ray nagin? but blaming ray nagin, might screw up his whole theory on reparations.

Actor Brosnan says Bush 'has a lot to answer for'

i couldn't resist this one. pierce reports from deauville, france with this speacial little treat. he says, "this man called bush has alot to answer for". i think pierce brosnan has alot to answer for as well. he's got to answer for every film he's made since he left remington steele in the 80's. come on! dante's peak? the lawnmower man? after the sunset (selma hayek couldn't save that stinker)? those three alone are their own natural disasters! note to the media. i know we like our celebrities and we like it when they talky talk. but let's keep the questions to, "if you could be a tree, what kind would you be?". just a suggestion. what the hell do i know? now get back to work!

—the bastard

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Brady Westwater said...

Nagin's failure to get people out of New Orleans will be come more apparent once the TV interivews he did on the morning before the storm are shown again. See my Sunday night post.