Tuesday, September 27, 2005

remember remember the fifth of november

i just finished reading alan moore's "v for vendetta" and i was pretty blown away. one thing i came away with however is that after reading two of his works back to back (the bastard read watchmen last month) is that moore tends to obsess on fascist enemies that usually are the state itself. turns out that rob of the mano izquierda tells me that alan moore wrote these two books while thatcher was prime minister of england and the bastard has found that anyone who was liberal while thatcher was PM hates her with a hot heat. i wasn't there, i just remember that she gave argentina a good ass whooping in the 80's and iron maiden named their band after her.

anyway, the bastard got concerned halfway through the book. quite like "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy", it is something that needs to be true to the written work to be good, but, it's complicated to get that on a screen and make it popular. hopefully it will as good as hitchhiker was but, i don't think it will resonate with the red states. oh well, it was still good reading. i just hope to god that they never option the invisibles or transmetropolitan because they will be awful films.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

iron bastard

begging your pardon but doesn't the song iron maiden by iron maiden discuss a torture device used in the middle ages? the song was written in 1979 - 1980? and Thatchmo was prime minister in 80's during reagan. i know she was part of teh eddie artwork on an ep but wasnt that woemen in uniform?

bastard central said...

yes but thatcher was called the iron maiden by the british press. i guess it implied both her tough exterior and the pain the underclasses felt during her time. if you want, i can lend you both comics. they are actually very good reading.

Cecil Rustad said...

Very interesting.