Monday, October 10, 2005

and other reasons why this holiday shouldn't be recognized

So yeah, there is the Native American gentrification issue, there are Italians taking credit for a trip that could never happen if it weren't for the spanish, but hey: What about the Vikings? Scandanavian people were taking cruises back and forth to the Americas years before Columbus got his three ships and "proved" the world was round, why doesn't Erik the Red get some dap? I say this only because though my family name is considered Irish, I'm technically more Polish than anything else and there is no Polock day. I can say I'm part Irish, (which would be true) and celebrate St. Patty's as thus but the truth is may last name is a Viking name, and if weren't for the Viking's taking sojurns back and forth to New Foundland and Greenland so many years ago, a bunch of Walsh's never would have gotten off the boat in Ireland and said, "that's far enough, I think I'll take my family and settle on this Island with all the potatoes and Guiness." So, while celebrating the great Columbus for almost getting thrown off his own ship before running into the Dominican Republic give a shout out to the Vikings.


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bigbromofo said...

what about st brendan. we are i lock u gers. or slavic celtic caucasoids