Thursday, October 27, 2005

batman is a scientist

the bastard didn't get out into the theatres this summer to give patronage to everyone's favorite comic book vigilante so he went out and bought that grief on dvd. let me tell you that that scheiß totally rocked. it is by far the best batman of the bunch and by far the best comic book portrayal yet. this sort of theatre makes the bastard realize that some of the only decent stories these days are coming out of the comic book world. i used to be all about the independant film back in the days but, the problem with it is, it has been infiltrated by big names. it, like punk rock has become marketable and as a result comes in a nice neat little package. i'm sure every now and again something small and great comes out of the indy world but, i'm starting to latch onto the whole trey parker/matt stone theory that indy films are all about gay cowboys eating pudding. well not really but "bodies, rest, and motion made me want to claw my eyes out. wait, the bastard is getting off message. batman is a scientist.

i can't wait until studios figure out how they are going to make frank miller's dark knight play out for the fight of the century. the bastard is SUCH a geek

—the bastard

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