Thursday, October 13, 2005

why do we publish these things?

so that bastard was having a little chat with his mother last weekend and we were discussing the subway bomb threats and the mother brought up a point that has been bandying about his head for a little bit now. she said that the "terrorists" don't need bombs, all they have to do is issue the threat and we say, "how high?" the fuzz gets mobile, and we feel cautiously safe. quite frankly the bastard doesn't care. i don't feel as though my rights are being violated if some cops with mike one sixes are walking through the subway with me. when the bastard was in paris, the first major difference he noticed was the fact that the french keep guys with automatic weapons all over the airport. makes sense. we live in a dangerous world and with crazy egyptians shooting up LAX, i can't say as i think it's a bad idea. now apply that same ideology into the subway. you're tranferring from the number 6 train at canal. narrow passageway. al zarqawi gives the hi sign and we have ourselves a big mess in a little passage so i get it more or less.

anyway, i'm getting off message. i was doing my morning reading of the news and i came across an op ed that linked me to the english translation of a letter to zarqawi from al zawahiri and it got me to thinking. why do they publish this shit. today we practically know down to the last 10th of a second when al qaeda is going to potentially set off a nuclear device on october 29th because it's frikkin ramadan. now it's true that we need to be in the know, our freedoms dictate that we have a right to this knowledge but what are we going to do with it other than discuss it around the water cooler and shit our pants as we try to rock ourselves to sleep at night. it just makes the bastard wonder sometimes.

—the bastard

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