Monday, December 26, 2005

...on sevens

you know, the bastard needs to stop picking up left hand rob's gauntlets (sorry rob, as much as i'd like to call you lobster johnson i can't bring myself to change the names of the characters right in the middle of the story). anyway, the bastard will take part in this sevens thing.

7 favorite books or series
i'm going with a mix of both of robs's choices since i can't find 7 books that i liked in the last 20 years of walking the earth right now.

transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis & Darrick Robertson
"naked lunch" by william s. burroughs
"neuromancer" by william gibson
"do androids dream of electric sheep" by philip k. dick
"sandman" by neil gaiman
"hellboy" by mike mignolia
"the invisibles" by grant morrison

7 movies i can watch again and again

ronin (just finished it 5 minutes ago)
sid and nancy (even though it's almost complete fiction)
the professional (number 2 on the bastard's top 10 death scenes)
pollock (i'm not the phony, you're the phony)
the swimmer (burt lancaster's greatest work)
the great escape (two words, steve mcqueen. two more words, charlie bronson)
lock stock and two smoking barrels (everyone needs a good caper flick)

7 places i'd rather be

the grainen of alich (i know i didn't spell it right, my irish is off alot. 20 minutes from the north irish border. the bastard go 5 minutes to himself in the middle of this stone circle on top of a burial mound older than the great pyramid. with the wind in my face, i felt i could see my grandfather again if i squinted hard enough)
new orleans
paris, at la grande hotel leveque
the woods
resting on something comfortable
anywhere but where i am now

7 things i say most often

you better shut up, stupid
fucking hell
can any hell be more real or now?
who's house? run's house
who's my favorite?

7 people i'd like to rope into doing this

the mofo
dean thriller (because i've know him since i was seven and you can have a 2 hour conversation with him, and learn nothing)
jimmy 3000

ok i'm tapped more when it occurs to me

7 new dwarf names


7 things i cannot do

take back all of those things i said
get my innocence back
snap fingers with both hands (only the right hand for some reason)
take a hint
jump out of a plane
let myself off the hook
stop the ringing in my ears

7 things that attract me to people i'm with rob on this one. we're all kind of hard wired the same so here's the part that everyone knows the answer to.

the way one makes me feels both at completely at ease and nervous as hell
sense of humor
likes to rest their head against me while walking down the street or something silly like that

7 things to do before i die

go back to painting (at least a decent sized body of work)
maybe make something of all of this writing crap i do lately
get my head screwed on right
get a fresh start
work it all out
teach the boy something relavent
take time machine back to correct all of that stupid crap i did up until now.

—the bastard


The Mad Russian said...

You also say something like....."Can any hell be more real or more now?"....a lot.

bastard central said...

that's true. i'll correct now