Wednesday, December 14, 2005


...or on the fine art of intimidating

this morning the bastard had the foresight to check the weather and the weather said, "it's cold, sucka!" actually the bastard's ipod which i have lovingly names bastard pod needed charged so i to leave the machine on which leaves the gentle humming of the machine to lull me to sleep. reminds me of when i used to work prepress. one day back when graphic designers used to work in paste up, which added up to many designers losing more fingers than someone who really pissed off the yakuza, the bastard worked in a service bureau running the paste up paper for other designers. first job out of college. anyway at the end of the week, we'd shut these mammoth atecs machines off and then there was silence. the really uncomfortable kind. i slept with the opposite of this last night. wasn't so bad. but i digress. it was bloody cold this morning.

with a looming transit strike, i am preparing to have to share the platform with alot of other folks in the next few days. i'm not looking forward to it. not at all. so far the only satisfaction i've gotten out of the commute was to make the beast from ottoman have to break up his little fort this morning on the train. it does a bastard good to hop on the train to see his new hobby and lean in, summon up the gravel in his voice and say, "excuse me, could you take down fort apache so i can sit, shiteyes?" i am so glad that i sound like something to fear in this voice rather than sounding like lauren bacall. one never thinks they'll be thankful for some aspect of living in a 3 pack a day household for 25 years but, i'll always be thankful for my mean voice and that my father, "the shrink" finally quit. cheers.

—the bastard

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