Saturday, December 03, 2005

worth the price of admission

the bastard will talk on this a lot more later but, back at the rents looking at the paint on his pants and his shirt that he really liked but doesn't care too much that it has paint all over it. there you go, shiteyes, i got my paint on at the urging of bobby sherman. bobby said, "bastard i don't care what you paint but it will be great" so i banged away. i banged away until i left my body for a brief instant and by no means was it the gin. i haven't put paint to canvas in a great while and this was by no means the bastards best work but, it felt good to leave my body. it didn't hurt that the mad russian's friend the teacher came up midway to ask about it. no one asks the bastard what he's doing these days. to be truthful, i kind of like not having a tether when i work in print or moreso when i work on canvas but, it was nice to come back into my body for a minute to talk to someone about it for a second. makes me feel a little bit more alive. for that matter, the bastard is really glad to be out playing with kids his age. go to bed, i'm starting to feel it, jerkface.

—the bastard

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