Wednesday, January 18, 2006

it's windsday

...or the bastard can't leave a good winnie the pooh reference alone

"i can't believe i'm leaning into this, october. if the wind stops, i'm going to do a face plant right onto the yellow line"

"yeah. this is crazy. how was your holidays?"

"weird. some of my relatives treat the whole thing like i have the flu. sooooooo, bastard? how are you.......doing? i mean come on, there's got to be better ways of asking one how things are. how was vegas?"

"it was great. i won 50 bucks playing blackjack"

"october, no one wins at blackjack."

"well i won 50 bucks. i lost 20 then i remembered to double down and all that stuff i learned about blackjack and i was up 70. so i played my last hand, lost 10 and gave the dealer a 10 dollar tip."

"october, no one wins at black jack. you sure you were at a blackjack table?"

ahhhh what the hell, maybe he was.

—the bastard

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