Friday, February 10, 2006

...on the high cost of living

...or on the high cost of gin

so last night the bastard discovered that gin costs $375.00 when you get a bodyguard assigned to your table. missus k's cousin who we can call "ring a ding ding" manages several restaurants and clubs in las vegas so we were comped for it. which adds a surreal 21st century brat pack vibe. also, ring keeps a fully gassed humvee in his garage with a trunk full of water for when the shit comes down.

last night started when the bastard had crappy quail at an industry function while the k was treating the crew to kobe beef. you can guess what the bastard's regret was not getting a decent meal. anyway, scoop and i beat feet out of there and met up with the crew. at one of ring's clubs at the bellagio. this cat is a BIG shot. i've never been around one. really nice guy too. pictured here by the kind permission of susie kansas is our bodyguard CJ with susie. he was enormous, and he had our back.

either way, left hand rob and i were the only folks on the gin. oh gin, why you so hard on me? this was along slog. good thing they pump oxygen into these jib joints. good thing the mississippi board of tourism held their breakfast this morning. biscuits and gravy saved the day. thank you biscuits and gravy. more to come as the bastard remembers it.

—the bastard

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