Thursday, February 09, 2006

...on sin

...and its city

so here we are, in loverly las vegas. the bastard's trip started off with some drunk blonde woman who was sitting in the front row. she walked right past row one in her state and eventually was pointed towards her seat in the front row where she proceeded to trip over a crippled woman's crutches and bashed her head against the overhead compartment. FANTASTIC. i so wish i didn't shut off the phone by this point. it would have been glorious. so instead i texted scoop back in the 11th row.

nothing broke, saw walk the line and proceeded to land in one piece. we caught a fuzzy cab to the sketchy sketchy home base. so sketchey that last year, left hand rob noticed that there was a hooker staging area by the star trek experience. it's like having a little bit of the bristol hotel (where dat at, jamaica, queens) in vegas. skellarific!

—the bastard

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