Monday, March 06, 2006

...on the family business

...or don't let your babies grow up to work in print

so the bastard decided to hire this new photographer for shooting guns monthly and i think he's a little young but i figure i meght be able to skirt the child labor laws. actually is was a much hated vice presideant of manuafacturing at the bastard's old company which we can call......hmmmmm.....i don't know digerati publishing inc. he told us at a meeting that print is alive and well but i would tell my grandkids to go into it. either way, the boy seems to really enjoy laying with cameras. who knows, he might have something there.

—the bastard


mofo said...

Between that and a drum set, I'm telling you!

bastard central said...

telling me what?

you gave me a warning already

mofo said...

Get him started on drums and he'll be art blakey by the time he's 20, headlining the bluenote.

You just understand, you put me with the dolphin!

bigbromofo said...

waht about stumpy joe?

as long as you don't let him be a gardener and a drummer

bastard central said...

i think we'll need a bigger boat for that, mo.

thanks this is spinal tap. "that's" original

bigbromofo said...

there is nothing original anymore.

just make sure that stumpy joe responds to the invite to his cousins party.

dub plat

bastard central said...

first off, i don't know whom you are referring to as "stumpy joe" but i don't recall ever calling your wife or children "stumpy joe" or any other name that i wouldn't want to call my friends or family. i'll just leave that point floating out there and give you the opportunity to edit or delete your own insulting commentary.

secondly, you would probably do better at getting an rsvp to anything by the conventional means. i am not now nor was i ever my wife's keeper. if you'd like to know if my wife is going to your children's birthday party next week, perhaps you should get on the phone and call her and harrass her in the usual fashion. this is not the place for these kinds of requests. and please don't run the "this is the only way we talk nonsense". i keep a fucking mobile in my jacket 24/7. you know where i am found. if you don't want to talk then take the mofo's route and spring the 5 bucks a month for 200 text messages.

i don't mean to offend dub, but i seem to recall having this conversation before.

bigbromofo said...


i am sorry if you are upset.

Since we are on the drummer / spinal tap issue, i thought using stumpy joe (ed begley's charatcter) would be funny but i was obviusly wrong. my apologies.

the invite was sent to qv via mom. that is the only reason why i aksed teh question. once again there was no maliciousness towards anyone.

the nice lady said...

Boys, boys. So silly. One, of course the boy is going to join the party. I know both he and I miss them terribly, along with the rest of the family