Sunday, June 18, 2006

hot totty

the bastard felt likle a cold was coming on and there was a weekend in the woods where ignoring that feeling came back to bite him on the ass so, this time i brought a few accessories to try and waylay the onset of a cold. bottle full of vitamin c, and some tea bags, some honey, and the only bottle of whiskey i had handy in the form of a bottle of 12 year old single malt suntory.

QUICK SIDEBAR: a hot totty is a cup of tea, a little whiskey, a little honey and some lemon. i didn't have any lemon so i just doubled up on the whiskey. upon making this concoction, k-love asked what i was doing.

"hey whatcha making there?"

"a hot totty"

"hot totty? what's a hot totty?

"tea, honey and whiskey. want one?"


so oddly enough, at 4:20 pm, k-love gets his first hot totty. and that's what he drank until the whiskey was finished. best duty free whiskey ever.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

heh. you said "duty."

bastard central said...

well everything is funnier when there's duty involved

mofo said...

I'm suprised that K Love didn't rename it the hot titty, or hot tits, and then sing a song about it while doing the robot--"how's you're tits, how's your tot's" etc

bastard central said...

well he did proceed to wash his nits in the leftover whiskey

Woody said...

In deed, 4:20 is the time to have a hot totty in mind..