Friday, June 23, 2006

...on the windup

...and the panorama-rama

using the wonderful piece of space age technology the bastard calls a cell phone, the bastard tries to wind up the forever wild washout 3. even after 3 days of rain, you can still keep a fire rolling...

...and they have brand new bathrooms so you don't feel completely out in the wild.

can you believe that people will actually sleep in here in the rain because they just lack the know how to stay dry in the woods, in the rain?

we had to share our loop with 20 sites of cub scouts. granted with the swear rate generating from our 3 sites, we were no saints. but at least when we left, we put out our fire. 20 sites, all bugged out on saturday night, and some of them left the fire going. not only is that not safe but, it sure as shit ain't scouting.

k-love and i look at the jokkers across the way. these poor saps (some of whom worked for good morning america) had too endure all of our mouthy, cocky outdoor skills. the bastard had come to a conclusion this weekend. we're the kind of mouthy jackasses that you want to see fail out in the woods in a crisis but, while we're a bunch of mouthy loudmouths, we do teamwork really well. and by that good grace, we succeed. one more post on this and i'm out. in you face shiteyes!

—the bastard

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