Wednesday, August 30, 2006

apparently michael ian black hates america

came across an article on fishbowl NY because the bastard likes to keep track of the comings and goings in the industry he works in and apparently m.i.b. has been named editor at large for the re-positioned "cracked" magazine. the fine folks at media bistro asked him about his failed sketch comedy show, "stella" which aired on comedy central a little while back and he had this to say:

mediabistro: What happened with Stella? Did Comedy Central give it enough time?

Black: I think Comedy Central gave it a fair shot. The fact is we were just too weird for a mainstream audience to embrace. I'm incredibly proud of the work we did on Stella. I think the show is terrific. Unfortunately, America did not agree with me. Yet another reason why I hate America.

knowing his deadpan style, i assume he was joking and i do love his deadpan style but if he isn't, step off man. i tried to like stella. i'm sure alot of people tried to like stella because of your work with "the state" and "ed" but, it just wasn't funny. so step off.

—the bastard

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