Tuesday, August 29, 2006

macys at herald square totally sucks ass

yeah you'd think that you could walk into macys at herald square and get a goddam rain coat on a rainy day. nah. notsomuch. you'd think that the flagship store of one of the largest department store chains would have decent customer service. nah. notsomuch.

however, if you thought that the flagship store of macys had alot of grown adults who speak like they grew up in duh sowf bronst and swore like their lives depended on it, you'd be dead as nails on shiteyes. i never thought i'd say this but, i think i might have to go out to suburbia just to find what i'm looking for


—the bastard


Anonymous said...

the bigger the store, the snottier the staff, the less chance that they actually put in the right order. c'est la vie.


bastard central said...

oh mistress,

i only wish it was snotty staff. these folks were just thuggish. if you get the chance, please rent spike lee's "do the right thing", and just listen to the parts that rosie perez speaks through to understand how these chuckleheads sound when they were speaking.

snotty staff at least know where everything is.