Friday, September 22, 2006

...on the fall of the house of usher 3

and so it ends. the family treks west for greener pastures. the cycle ends. and so it begins. the family heads west for greener pastures. the cycle begins. now that the bastard's family has headed out and i back to the box i call home, the lowe, has left parts forest hills for the west and his apartment will be the artist's new base of operations. this has been a long time coming for the artist as he has been holding down the basement of 12johns for a little while. even longer than he lived at the family's house, the artist has done his time for the family. many docks were put in and taken out of the harbor by the artist (and whichever other chuckleheads from the family that showed up that day) which is why the mofo and i have acquiesced control of the grandchildren which my dearly departed grandmother referred to as "group 2" in her end time delirium (but that is another story).

so the artist has also arranged that i pass my landlord's (the stutterer) number to his sisters with the interest being our family repopulating the q-borough. starting with forest hills. i figure what the hell, if you find a vacant apartment on your block why not try and fill it with someone you know rather than have some hipster move in and make you feel old and uncool and of course price you out of the neighborhood with trustfundy goodness. this'll be real interesting for me. i never really visited my family very often before the troubles and i visit them even less now that they are done (mostly because the old man needs to come to grips with it and i don't want to do it for him). but now i'll have family on the block. we'll see what happens.

—the bastard


mofo said...

You'll eat plenty of sushi!

bastard central said...

aye i wil

The Mad Russian said...

Hey Bastard, refresh my is The Artist related to you?

bastard central said...

the artist is my cousin