Saturday, September 30, 2006

riddle me this

Yeah, it's an orange, nothing unusual about an orange in a Florida supermarket, unless said orange is from South Africa. The art being as it is, from my camera phone, one can't read the writing on the green sticker which state that it is a product of the Boerish.

First off, if you don't know what a boer is go to you're local library and get your Euro-African history on. Secondly, I always thought of South Africa as a place that was good for nothing more than racism, reebok plants, diamonds, and bad heavywieght boxers. Seems the old boers figured out how to grow oranges.

Thirdly, what is a South African orange doing in a South Florida supermarket? For those of you unfamiliar with the southern portion of the peninsula, grab an atlas. I've driven state road 80 from Ft. Myers to West Palm beach, roughly 130 miles. About 100 of those miles are covered with tomatoes, sugar cane (there is a United States Sugar Company factory outside of Glades, it's got to be a CIA spot), and wait for it--oranges. Oranges for as far as the eye can see straight down, especially on the western half of the state to Everglades City. Now I ask again, what is an orange from South Africa doing in a supermarket located in the heart of orange grove central?

Maybe it's time to up the old tarifs. It's seems that the more we make trade fair, the less fair it becomes.



bastard central said...

two words my dear boy,

"for export"


Rob S. said...


--"It's just been revoked." BANG!

I'm sorry, South Africa for me always calls that one Lethal Weapon movie to mind.

bastard central said...

you know riggs. those things'll kill ya.

i'm getting too old for this

mofo said...

Yeah, I tought of Lethal Weapon as soon as I picked up the orange. "But you're.. bleck."

bastard central said...

well it's like that time tested addage,

"whatever leo wants, leo geotz"