Sunday, September 03, 2006

screwed on...

...or notsomuch with the good

okay so it's notsomuch with the good today. apparently the bastard is having a problem remembering things. on tuesday night while getting cash at the atm, i forgot to take my card out of the machine. i didn't realize this until friday when i needed to take out laundry money (back in the apartment means no more free laundry). i get my atm card back and realize that when i went to the mall on thursday night, i neglected to find proper parking for my car and when i got home on friday, i had a ticket on the windshield. no wait it gets worse. i had this weird dream this morning that got me out of bed early. apparently i was canoodling in my high school's library (circa 1988)with someone who has been blowing me off for the last two months and i was just about to ask her something when i woke up and realized that somewhere between when i got my new atm card and moving my car out of the illegal spot, i lost my ipod. i don't know if i'm blacking out or i'm just not paying attention but, it's very disconcerting that i can remember to take out something to cook two days in advance but i can't remember where the hell i put my ipod. notsomuch with the good.

—the bastard


dm said...

hey judging by your recent past blogs, last month wasn't exactly a winner. Forgetting shit is expected.

hope things get better for you.

bastard central said...

i would like that very much mistress