Thursday, November 30, 2006

...on the whirlwind

the bastard is so tired. i was just discussing the issue with left hand rob and the entire time he was speaking, i was doing the robot.

been up since 6. left work last night at nine. was up at 6 yesterday too. this is the way it is curing the busy time. seems like the most overwhelming shit in the world until you get a handle on it. the creative part is almost done. then i can get on with the robotic act of trafficking this crap. oh well, i can sleep when i'm dead.

—the bastard

POSTSCRIPT or rather PRESCRIPT: i was listening to the ipod on the train this morning and "lucky man" by the verve came on. for a second, all of the clarity in the world came over me. i am a lucky man.


b o o said...

aren't we all?

Anonymous said...

sleep? now why in the world would ya want to do that? Burnout is so much more fun.

bastard central said...

huh...whu...who's sleeping?

we never sleep in the magazine business. otherwise nothing would get done

Anonymous said...

sleep? what's that?



bastard central said...

this coming from the insomniac. now THAT's funny