Thursday, January 25, 2007

no good deed...

so i'm walking in the building and as i approach the elevator, the door starts closing and who's there waving to me but killing stuff cleverly's web monkey.

now let's back up a little bit. two weeks ago, web monkey drank a little bit at the various gun show side events and when he came in the next morning, all hung over, he packed up his shit to leave the press suite and neglected to pack his phone charger and he neglected to pack the web site's expensive dvr camera. now being the good samaritan he is, the bastard made sure that camera was packed and shipped back to new york because, it's the right thing to do. so the following tuesday when we were all back in the office, web monkey calls up clearly concerned and hoping to god that someone (that someone being me) thought to pack his stuff and he was sort of thankful that i did.

meanwhile, back at this morning, the elevator door closes and web monkey waves buh bye all the bastard thinks is "how very rewarding it felt at that very moment to know i did the right thing". actually. no. i thought about how guilty i wouldn't have felt if i had left the camera in florida. it follows web monkey. it follows.

—the bastard

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amanda said...

thanks for giving Anti-Personal Space Monkey some love.