Thursday, February 08, 2007

...on the split

this morning seemed like the longest ride ever. apparently, it was the longest ride ever for almost everyone i work with and it was all because of a split rail at 59th street. the new assistant a.d. lives in astoria and it screwed her commute. it slowed mine because it created alot of unnecessary train traffic for me. the other half of the art department lives on the planet of brooklyn. this is on the other end of the sametrain i take. in fact the p-cat takes the "R" train and the "N" whichterminate in astoria and forest hills respectively from bay ridge. p-cat calls them "rarely" and "never" as is their frequency in his hood. so the split rail created all sorts of trouble for him.chicago jerkface lives in prospect heights and he had traffic and switch problems to contend with. so needless to say, the six degrees of separation involved in this morning's commute is fascinating to the bastard. well what did you expect? something funny?ahhhh go to hell.

—the bastard

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