Sunday, March 25, 2007

...on crap

...or on headlines

left hand rob has a skill. left hand rob finds headlines that are considerred innappropriate for a family magazine. not that killing stuff monthly is entirely a family magazine. i mean it is because the bulk of it's readrship are guys who hunt with families and they learn hunting from their family and they teach hunting to their family and alot of those families might not appreciate reading a headline like

"is there a sheep in your future?"

"get wet for crappies"

or reading lines of copy like

"as i was boning the carcass, i was fantasizing about my next hunt"

the readership has editors like lhr to thank for this lack of double entendre. the book across the hall has an entirely different mission statement which is why the bastard laughed his ass off when he read this headline because i always wanted to see soem of these off color gems go to print. made my day.

—the bastard


The Mad Russian said...

I would advise against posting blogs like this one....just in case big brother is watching. Never 1) make it easy to find you, or 2) mock big brother's businesses.

bastard central said...

the bastard is wise to this. case and point, no names. no titles, and in this case. no folios