Saturday, March 17, 2007

...on last flings

...or on how winter has to stop calling the bastard in the middle of the night. it's over for god's sake!!

holy crap! we have accumulation. you know, all winter long, the bastard has not bothered dressing for it. winter never delivers on her promises.

"oh shit boy, ahm a gonna snow all over your ass."

"yeah right, winter."

"ahm a gonna do it."

"yeah whatever you say baby. you just keep talking."

so innevitably, winter decides to stop frontin' on me and she drops a hahd one. 4 inches of ice in march. good times. i get back to the queens craptastic tonight after a dinner date and no cabs. ah, that winter. she is a little bitch goddess. she steals all of the cabs from me. so it's foot central for the bastard. and i have to say. my new girl's name is gortex. i loves the gortex. she keeps my feet dry in the shittiest of snow and ice. get some. it'll keep you dry and warm. now go to hell, jerks

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

It's April?

bastard central said...

fixed it. i don't know why but, every time it snows this late in the year, i i think of the first time it snowed this late in the year. it was an april when i was in the 6th grade. and it was good friday.. can anyone say christ-sicle?

bastard central said...

oh yeah, and i was kind of drunk when i posted this.

Rob S. said...

When I'm drunk, every day is April.

When Peter Parker's drunk, every girl is Aunt May.

bastard central said...