Thursday, April 12, 2007

...on pimps and playas

so i have these two friends from college who moved out to las vegas a few years back and when the bastard has to go to the gun show, i visit them. so the female half of the duo who we can call H.M., works at what will be the new planet hollywood casino. it used to be the aladdin but now it'll be planet hollywood. so h.m. sends me these photos of the new casino putting up the letters for the hotel. apparently another version of the photo made the local papers over there.

you know, every year when i have to go to the gun show, they make me stay at the hilton. because it's connected to the convention center. and since it's not a high profile destination anymore (and since the owners daughters set such a stellar example of how much americans like to get drunk, do drugs and fuck in public. or maybe it's just not on the strip), it attracts a different class of professional. but for a brief minute, the working professionals that work inside had a place they could call their own. "planet ho". all kidding aside, i can't wait to see h.m.'s new digs when i get out there. the bastard loves a good craps table.

—the bastard

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