Wednesday, May 23, 2007

...on the jet set

thanks to the goodness of space age technology, the bastard can come to you live from the frikkin airport. behind me is the bar that for 4 years was the staging area for scoop and i for our flights to the shot show. the last time i was here, i forgot my reservation number for my rental car and the chairman's minions were trying to get in touch with me for some of the devil's work and i couldn't get in touch. but while i was cooling my jets in the world of luddites, all i could see was "wireless hotspot" for "free" thanks to jet brew. so i was thinking, i have got to get me one of those notebook computers. i mean, i do the devil's work from home and soemtimes after hours in the office but it leaves my totally working in two spaces which creates continuity issues for me and so, i cracked the effing cobewebs off of my wallet and bought myself a notebook (ya fucking cheapo). i gotta say, it doesn't suck.

—the bastard

...on liveblogging the airport. i totally forgot. i really can't stand yuppified corporate guys who ae doing actual work here. they all sound like snake oils salesmen.

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