Tuesday, July 03, 2007

...on clocking

...tick frikkin tock!

you ever had one of those days where your sunburn wakes you up at 5 o' clock in the morning and those cheap ass pillows you bought from target are just not cutting it, so much that you wake up with a headache and can't get back to bed because of the headache, and the burning, and the crook in your neck that is starting to feel like viral menangitis (oh my god, i think i have viral menangitis! now i'll never get back to bed) and the resulting anxiety keeps you from getting back to bed?

yeah me too.

so the bastard made good use of his time and the boy came in with me (possible half day and all that whatnot. besides, he likes coming to work with me). then i thought i'd get some stuff done. ummmm...yeah...notsomuch. we just had a systemwide crash. i think nothing is going to get done today. NOTHING.

—the bastard

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mofo said...

Full stop y'all, full stop y'all and when the mic is my hand I pull it out y'all, a full stop....