Thursday, September 06, 2007

...on the joys of the hunt

...or is it two for THURSDAY jerks!

"do you shee the beasht? do you ave it in your shites"

"clear enough miss moneypenny. thish shouldn't be a problem at tall."


so instead of eating my leftovers, i join the silver k's lunchtime raiding party. for the first few weeks of living in our crapper of new space, we have been eating lunch together in various parts of the floor. kind of like bedouin nomads. and our frequent lunchroom which was shanghai'd by the yoga people yesterday has been commandeered from us by sales monkeys from popular science.

so we took it on the road.

we decided to go to our favorite sock monkey decored mexican restaurant.

and we saw sites.

in fact we saw two.

this first specimen of mulletus erectus was first seen crossing park avenue was clearly the better specimen of the two. witness if you will his long flowing mexi

the second on was a complete fluke.

after i bagged the first one, the bastard noticed this one down the road.

not taking the subway like the first. it wasn't as good as the first mullet but it still counts for two in one sitting.

hell, two in one block.

two within feet of each other.

it was a fantastic feat. or at least a fantastic chain of events. it made my day.

hell, it made my week.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

omg. that is a classic mullet to behold. i love when mullets leave their natual habitats and wander along park avenue.

bastard central said...

we all love it when they do