Friday, October 19, 2007

i've seen things

last night, the bastard hauled his ass up to the ziegfeld to see the final cut of ridley scott's blade runner. filmed in 1982, it was expected to be huge due to harrison ford's success in the star wars trilogy. it wasn't so much with the commercial success. but, it's one of the bastard's favorite films and he had to see it on the big screen.

the print was fantastic. the retouching was not nearly as intrusive as, say, greedo shooting first in a re-mastered star wars. it was more like the directors edit i have at home which removes ford's unenthusiastic narration which makes the film seem less spoon fed and upon walking out of the theatre, we were discussing how a great deal of the symbolism in the film is so much less so. some film today bash you over the head with the "hidden" meanings in a film so it was refreshing to see a cut that didn't have to explain itself to the bastard. it got me to thinking about alot of the christian imagery in the film and i came across this review from hollywood jesus which bandys it about a little bit. it's a topic worth dwelling on for a sec but i tend to look into the more dystopian future aspects of the film. "if you're not cops, you're little people". the fact that the future is awash in advertising. not too far a cry from where we are today. and of course i find it hysterical that everyone smokes in the future. and the fact that pan american airlines and atari has prominent ad placement. good stuff.

—the bastard


mofo said...

What are you talking about? I just finished my pack of smokes on the Pan Am Flight back from the Atari convention. I only roll with the gold standard

bastard central said...

that was a dream ten tits. i will leave an origami pack of camels to prove you are a replicant

Anonymous said...

you both need to shut up!

bastard central said...

i smell a where is jonny airplanes coming on