Saturday, October 27, 2007

...on the fire

late night ride.

jersey transit.

the show is over.

and freaks come out at night.

"hugh play dah lahdderee?"

"high don' hafto buhcause ahm already rish but, high play the scratch hoff hall thu tyme. high have like 10 millyun dollahs"

"hand where's thu prezuhdent?"

"in floriduh?"

"lookin afta the fiyahs?"

"hugh lyke hillary?"


"come on, she zuh foist woman?"

"high have like 10 millyun dollahs so highm hokay".

well there are some rich eccentrics who i'm sure love taking mass transit. but then again maybe there isn't. i've been wrong before.

—the bastard

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