Monday, October 08, 2007

...on stove pipes

...or on big pimpin' 2

you know,

there are certain things in a shit commute that makes it all worth the while. mostly this involves tripping old ladies on the way out of the subway train. sometimes this might involve making an inappropriate joke about setting homeless people on fire but, since news of this horrible act has made it all the way to australia (just click the damn link stupid, otherwise the comment makes no sense. come on! DO IT!), i'm going to go in another direction with this.

anyway, before the bastard gets completely off message, the thing that makes it worth the while is seeing something different.

i saw this guy a good hundred feet in front of me and i had to catch up. he had a big cane. a gigantic gold shield for a knuckle ring. and he rocked the trench coat hahd. it was majestic. but the best part, and the only part of his outfit that the bastard will be documenting will be his magnificent...


top hat! look at it, it's fantastic. totally made the whole crunch to get upstairs because only one escalator is working and it's too goddam humid out for the bastard to want to climb stairs. you know the feeling don't you? of course you don't. go to hell.

i suspect that his pimp hand is strong

—the bastard

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